Cone Bottom Tanks

Dome Top, MAGIC Cone Bottom Tank
Cone Bottom tanks offer complete drainage. Magic Tank’s standard cone apex angle is 90°. All Cone Bottoms are designed in accordance with ASTM D-3299 or D-4097 standards for elevated cone heads. Cone Bottom tanks come standard with a primed carbon steel pipe leg stand with floor plates and a standard 18” under clearance from the tank bottom to the floor plates. Therefore, when complete drainage is an absolute must, the Cone Bottom design is the only choice.
Leg stands can be provided as painted carbon steel, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), stainless steel pipe legs, upon your request.
Structural Layer: The structural layer of tanks is a laminate, comprised of an appropriate chemical-resistant resin reinforced with continuous strand fiberglass filament wound in a geometric pattern that is precisely designed to meet stress requirements. Exterior Surface: For added resistance to weathering and chemical exposure, the surface will be protected with a gel coat consisting of a suitable chemical resistant resin containing ultra-violet absorbers. Color may be added at the customer’s option.
Closed Dome Top – This is the most frequently requested top style.  The ASME Flanged & Dished design gives it the most strength without adding thickness.  Each domed top comes standard with a top manhole with loose cover.Closed Flat Top  – A fixed, non-removable, flat surface.; If head space is at a premium, if agitator rails are a requirement or flat walking surface is required, the Closed Flat Top may be the best choice.  Open Top with 90°Top Flanged Rim – When a Flat Cover, agitator rails or full access to the tank is required, the Open Top with 90° Top Flanged Rim option is the best choice. Open Top with Type II Top Rim  – When an open top will work and a Flat Cover and agitator rails are not required, this offers the most cost effective Flat Bottom tank design available.

OEM service - Custom fabrication from your design or we will design to meet your requirements.

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